The Company

Intemat Ibérica, S.L, is a trading company that represents and distributes industrial products, in order to meet the needs that arise within the plastic sector.

We works in process such as injection moulding, extrussion, blowing, Film, Sheet, and Rotomoulding.

We have gradually expanded our range of products, to be present in very important markets such as construction, automotive, packaging, food, marine, etc....

Our business philosophy is to provide our customers, industry solutions, based on their projects. We specialize in developing products "tailored". For this we have a technical team who will advise you at all times depending on their specific technical, manufacturing and economic needs.

Currently, market and distribute industrial products manufacturer and international prestige,which have the corresponding European quality certifications and environmental.

Our business scope is Spain, portugal, and are presents also in Latinamerica.

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