Molds for rotational molding (rotomoulding)

We do any type of mold for rotational molding l aluminum, CNC, etc., According to customer drawing specifications.


FURNITURE DESIGN: armchairs, chairs, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, planters, tubs ...

FURNITURE: Bins, playgrounds, slides, banks, lamps, planters, waste collection containers, signs, facades, container ...

BEACH FURNITURE: Showers circular, footbath ...

CONSTRUCTION: Wells, septic tanks, water tanks, settling tanks, manholes, water pipes, tanks, vertical, horizontal, containers of various shapes, rectangular, cylindrical, conical ...

AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK: feed hoppers, transportation, feeding, watering, rectangular containers, cylindrical containers for storage of products, sprayers, parts for agricultural machinery, dispensers, decanters ...

TRAFFIC: medium and road barriers, cones, road signs and sports ..

MERCHANDISING: Mannequins, parts, window dressing, displays ....

Boating and Fishing, marine buoys, fenders nautical jacket, floats, canoes, small boats, kayaks, pontoons,, castings, containers of fish, pedal ...

CAR: water tanks, wheel housing, fuel, fenders, dashboards, body panels, molded seats ...

SEVERAL APPLICATIONS: modular parts for games, hospital equipment, fitness equipment enclosures, decorative .....

Examples of work performed:

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Examples of mold made and final piece rotomolded

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